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About the only thing I can think of is using natural local honey for allergies.I like to use fire cider I make during the fall to keep my body healthier and to help keep colds and the flu away.

A DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO HEALING ANY AILMENT HOLISTICALLY WHEN DISASTER STRIKESWhen disaster strikes and you lose all access to doctors, hospitals and pharmacies.My hubby uses it when his nose gets sore from his oxygen nasal cannula.Survival Medicine Tips and Techniques for Building the Perfect First Aid Kit and Treating the Injuries and Illnesses Preppers Experience During Disasters.I have Systemic Lupus and it has destroyed my thyroid amongst other things going on with me.

Please click button to get prepper s natural medicine book now.I add birch and Amend Blend ( blend is from Spark Natural) to the salve for aches and pains.

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The Amazon Top Most Wished For and Best Selling Outdoor Items.I also have been reading about the most common health concerns other preppers have.Those could be used for shaving cuts, or after a natural disaster that will become a long-term crisis and limit your access to pharmacies, hospitals, and trained medical professionals.I live what I call a strategic life and believe you should too.

I also use tea tree for acne and foot difficulties. additionally, I am a big believer in aloe vera for skin irritations. finally, I grow many different herbs and make teas ands infusions for various internal and external uses.Since my cough is always in my throat (and never in my feet), I decided to rub a tiny dab of Vicks on my throat instead.With the help of Kyolic garlic, hawthorn berries, and bitter melon, I have gone from 2000 mg of metformin daily, for my diabetes, to zero mg.These are medicines that Cat has crafted and honed herself via years of study, training, and extensive personal experience aka trial and error.Everyone needs to prepare for the worst and live for the best.I made up a batch of your arthritis buster to use on my wrist joints.I have an aloe vera plant that is very helpful for burns etc.

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I have a vegetable garden and grow a few culinary herbs that I use regularly.

This group of books so just great. so many of us will need to know those things that are covered in them.However, the potential for a pandemic or an EMP also concern me.I would like to learn how to try to heal as many illnesses as I can naturally because I want my son and I to live a healthy life without the help of meds.When disaster strikes, it will take more than food and water to keep your family alive.

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You should not rely solely on information contained in this site to evaluate the product or service being endorsed.I dabble some in essential oils, and am very interested in learning more herbal and traditional healing modalities.

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This was my first time using essential oils for anything, and it seems to be working.I am finding that it is well indexed and easy to navigate both by herb and by ailment.There are herbs just in your kitchen which can help with health AND with hubs pain, I too have a calcifying spine.

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Am now expanding to those plants around me and along with the ones Cat writes about.

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The skills and the materia medica represent much of the Herbal Certification Course that I teach.P preppers natural medicine life saving herbs essential oils and natural remedies for when there is no doctor cat ellis on amazoncom free shipping on buy preppers.The longest I have been is for a couple of days with very mild symptoms.

What I need now is to learn about herbs and plants as medicine.In Preppers Natural Medicine, the 50 herbs in the materia medica provide specific information for making potent natural medicines.I have gone from 40 mg daily of lisinopril, for my blood pressure, to zero mg daily.This lifesaving guide breaks down the medicinal properties of a wide range of ingredients, instructs you on storing herbs and essential oils to extend their potency, and explains which herbs are best for vulnerable groups like children and pregnant women.We have quite a few people that will be relying on us especially the grand babies that unfortunately inherited many of our allergies.

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Just recently been turned on to essential oils by a friend of mine.I also planted a medicinal herb garden for the first time this year and have been learning about harvesting them for use.

The one I need the most is something that would help with arthritis pain.Click Download or Read Online button to get prepper s natural medicine book now.Even if there is no doctor, no hospital, and no pharmacy, you can take charge of your health preparedness.It explains the vital skills necessary to make effective herbal remedies, the therapeutic properties of 50 herbs that grow in most regions of the US, and formulas to help both chronic and acute conditions.

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