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But at the end, I looked at my watch and I saw that it had only lasted three hours.This distinction is quite clear, and we must take it very seriously.Download the rosary for the holy souls in purgatory or read online here in PDF or EPUB. The Amazing Secret Of The Souls In Purgatory.

The best thing to do, Maria tells us, is to unite our sufferings to those of Jesus, by placing them in the hands of Mary.This lady died and was in Purgatory, in the most terrible Purgatory, with the most atrocious sufferings.

At this moment, I asked Maria if the souls regretted having committed suicide.This example is highly significant, for it shows that a single moment of humility, of repentance at the moment of death, can save us.

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Sister Emmanuel interviews Maria Simma who has the charism of being able to see and talk to the souls in Purgatory.It struck me so much because it related very recent testimonies and also explained.I would advise him to pray much to the Holy Spirit -- and say his rosary every day.Yes, but which obviously has deep roots in the history of the church, for many are the saints -- canonized or not -- who have exercised this charism.This is really possible, we have everything in our hands to make it come true.God gives to everyone during his earthly life, and at the hour of his death, sufficient grace for conversion, even after a life spent in darkness.

The Amazing Secret of the Souls in Purgatory, published by Queenship Publishing Co., P.O. Box 220,.God is Merciful.There is a book called.The Amazing Secret of the Souls in Purgatory.Her soul, pure as a dove, presented to the Lord of lords, found as many protectors and advocates as souls she had delivered, and recognized worthy of glory, she entered in triumph, among the applause and blessings of all those she had rescued from Purgatory.I remember a little girl to whom I had spoken about the poor souls.And the fire of love which burns in your heart impels you to throw yourself into his arms.And you, Lord, Eternal Goodness, who promised to give back a hundredfold, you have refused me the soul of my mother.

In Purgatory, even if the pain of the soul is terrible, there is the certitude of living forever with God.Maria in fact added that this young man might never again have had the opportunity to offer such a great act of love, and might have turned bad.So, in the same way, we should take great care of these souls, who expect everything from us, attentive to the slightest offering, hopeful for the least of our prayers, to relieve them from their pain.For several years, there were only three or four souls, above all in November.If they attended Mass and prayed with all their hearts, if they went to Mass on weekdays -- according to their time available -- they draw great profit from Masses celebrated for them.

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Margaret Mary of Paray-le-Monial who had the vision of the Sacred Heart, the Holy Cure of Ars, Blessed Faustina, St.Now, I have a proposition to make to each one of you: we could make the decision that none of us will go to Purgatory.

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Maria, you are now very well known, especially in Germany and Austria, but also throughout Europe, thanks to your talks and your book.These souls do regret their act because, as they see things in the light of God, they understand instantly all the graces that were in store for them during the time remaining for them to live -- and they do see this time which remained for them, sometimes months or years -- and they also see all the souls they could have helped by offering the rest of their lives to God.Once I asked a poor soul if she could go to look for a soul I had been asked to find out about.

She is very much encouraged in her task by her parish priest and her bishop.Parents must bless their children and instruct them well in the things of God.Yes, yes, the Lord gives several minutes to each one, in order to regret his sins and to decide: I accept or I do not accept to go see God.In fact, this woman had died while undergoing an abortion, whereas the man often went to church and apparently lead a worthy, devout life.

Each minute, we can still grow in love, but the souls in Purgatory can no longer grow.

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If the living do not pray for them, they are totally abandoned.The Amazing Secret of the Souls in Purgatory by Sister Emmanuel, 9781579180041, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.Have courage, your mother has avoided damnation and fervent supplication will soon deliver her soul from the bonds of Purgatory.The Amazing Secret of the Souls in Purgatory by Sister Emmanuel of Medjugorje, December 1997, Queenship Publishing Company edition, Paperback in English.Vlad Vekshtein August 1, 2013. Share. the cursed ring that grants invisibility but eventually corrupts the souls of.

Other sins against charity are all our rejection of certain people we do not like, our refusals to make peace, our refusals to forgive, and all the bitterness we store inside.Here too, we can do so much with prayer for souls in danger of being lost.

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The Secret of the Poor Souls in Purgatory An interview with Maria Simma of Austria. Today,. The Amazing Secret of the Souls in Purgatory,.Discover Museum of the Holy Souls in Purgatory in Rome, Italy:.

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