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Steeds good at draught convey the liberal giver, and lightly rolling moves the car of gift.

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The Indo-aryans have borrowed the theory of re-birth after coming in contact with the aboriginal inhabitants of India.KARMA. HISTORIA DE UNA REENCARNACION del autor FAUSTA LEONI (ISBN 9789501510249).Truly, one becomes good through good deeds, and evil through evil deeds.

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It is very possible that the karmas and reincarnation entered the mainstream brahaminical thought from the sramana or the renouncer traditions.They deck the fleet steed for the bounteous giver: the maid adorns herself and waits to meet him.

This confirms that the doctrine of transmigration is non-aryan and was accepted by non-vedics like Ajivikism, Jainism and Buddhism.First have the liberal gained a fragrant dwelling, and got themselves a bride in fair apparel.High up in heaven abide the gift-givers: they who give steeds dwell with the Sun for ever.La casta de una persona está determinada al nacer por su propio karma personal.The light of heaven, the universe about us,—all this doth sacrificial gift give them.These concepts were certainly circulating amongst sramanas, and jainism and buddhism developed specific and sophisticated ideas about the process of transmigration.

He who brings gift comes as first invited: chief of the hamlet comes the gift-bearer. gift bestows the horse, bestows the bullock, gift bestows, moreover, gold that glisters. gift gives food which is our life and spirit.

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The liberal have obtained their draught of liquor, and conquered those who, unprovoked, assailed them.

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